Winter skin care tips

For most people, winter brings about much more than what they bargained for. It brings intolerable dryness to the face, feet and hands and need extra skin care. To other people, the problem is worse than just a dry feeling; their skin gets very dry resulting to cracking, eczema and also flaking. Even if your home has been kept warm by using wood, electricity or oil, the face will just keep on getting dry. Below are some few tips to help your skin stay healthy as well as moist throughout the winter.
1. Lubricate your feet – not that lotions don’t do a good job in keeping your feet soft and beautiful, but when in winter you might need to use something more stronger than that. Look for lotions that include glycerine or petroleum jelly and also use exfoliants to remove the dead skin periodically. This will help the moisturizers get in deeper and faster.
2. No more hot baths – soaking in a hot bath especially after a cold day is a pretty good idea but note that a hot bath or shower will actually break down the lipid obstacles that lead to loss of moisture and not good for skincare. Lukewarm water with baking soda or oatmeal will be better since it will help in relieving skin that has been dry to an extent that it itches. If these techniques unfortunately don’t work, it might be wise to visit your plastic surgeon¬† in Dallas. You might need a prescription to fight off your dry skin or you might have a condition that requires a different treatment.
3. Avoid masks Рif your skin is unbearably dry, for best skin care, avoid using masks, alcohol based toners, harsh peels etc since all these can remove important oils from the skin. An alternative  for skin care would be a mild foaming cleanser or a cleansing milk or even a toner that has no alcohol rather than clay based which draws moisture out of your face.
4. Visit a specialist – when visiting your local drugstore, seek the specialist’s advice on how to take care of your skin and i bet you they will have plenty of good advice for you. Also visiting your dermatologist or a plastic surgeon would be a good investment here even better than going to the drugstore since they can examine your skin type plus load you with important instruction on which products to use. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only be buying expensive products, you can also buy the less expensive ones since the less expensive products will just work like the expensive one. But what should be important here is whether the skin will respond to that specific product or not and how you feel when using it after some time but not how much cash you will have to cough up to buy them.
5. Drink lots and lots of water – you might have heard this plenty of times but you need to drink plenty of water everyday. It helps the skin stay young. It is actually good for your health and your skin in particular. Though not every person’s skin is like the other, this might not actually work for some people. Many people drink plenty of water like twelve glasses a day but still end up having very dry skin. All in all, this should not lower your goal here. It might actually work for you. When have you ever heard someone complain about water.
6. Give your hands some help – compared to other parts of the body, your hands are much more thinner than any other part of the body since they have less oil glands. This means it is hard to keep the hands moist especially during the cold weather. This will eventually lead to cracking and itching. Make sure to wear gloves when leaving your house, wear especially wool so that your hands can stay warm.
7. Moisturize more – you finally found the best moisturizer that actually responds well with your skin for summer and spring but unfortunately this might not be the best for winter too. Look for a moisturizer that’s water based and not oil based since the oil will build defensive coat on the skin that will keep moisture compared to a cream or lotion. Also make sure to choose your oils very carefully since not all will be suitable for the face but instead look for avocado oil, almond oil or primrose oil. Butter or Shea oil might not be appropriate because it will clog the facial pores. Other than this, choose lotions that contain alpha hydroxy acids, glycerine etc since they lure in moisture to the skin.