How To Get Rid Of Termites

If you have termites in your household, do not even attempt to get rid of these termites yourself contact a termite pest control specialist in your area that is an authorized operator of the Colony Elimination System for termite control because these professionals know termites and more important know how to get rid of them! Not every pest control company is an authorized operator of this system. Authorized dealers are required by the manufacturer of the product to participate, the Dow Agro Sciences, infrequent training and pass annual quality reviews.

If you doubt you have a termite problem in your home, you need to address the problem quickly and aggressively before structural damage occurs. Since they live in vast colonies, you may see a swarm of termites in your home because they tend to fly and swarm particularly in the spring. You may find their bodies on windowsills or near door frames where they have tried to fly out of the home. You may also notice wood damage such tiny holes in walls or floors of your home where termites have been eating.

Why is this Colony Elimination System so much better than others brands? It is a highly successful pest control baiting system that has been proven to successfully rid homes of termite colonies. With this system, the bait is placed in areas around the home at locations where termites have been or are currently active. They feed on the bait, share it with other members of the colony and they die.

Unlike other liquid pest control systems, this method does not require drilling of floors or foundation of the home, there are no trenches or digging in the soil around your home, there are no chemical solution injected into the ground near your home, and there are no tank trucks full of chemicals pulling into your driveway. This area all reasons why homeowners prefer the Colony Elimination System for termite control, as you can tell it is less invasive to the home and gentler on the environment than other liquid termite treatments. This traditional method comes with a state-of-the-art monitoring to track the baiting stations around the house and makes sure they are accurately monitored by your pest control specialist on every visit. This system has two control methods while other such monitors on the market have none at all.

One monitoring method is where the pest control specialist comes to the home, opens each one of the stations placed in or around the home and uses a hand-held scanning device to scan the individualized barcode associated with baiting station. The station is then inspected for termite activity, information regarding activity is collected in the portable scanning device, and the station is re-baited if necessary.

The other monitoring method is what is known as “ESP Technology.” With this approach, the fort worth pest control specialist uses an electronic scanning unit over the in-ground stations. Electronic sensors are placed inside the baiting station and are connected to a handheld computer.

This is one very important issue that you will need to pay much attention to, when you note a trail of termites around your home, it might be the starting of a colonization course that will end up with you taking all the losses and this is not something that you want to face in the near future.